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Straight Back Posture Corrector Shoulder Lumbar Brace Spine Support Belt Adjustable Corset Correction Body Improve with Plate



About this item

1. Promotes Proper Alignment – Our posture corrector for men and women holds your back in place, aligning bones and joints so your muscles can be used properly. You’ll love your elegant new bearing!

2. Relieves Back Pain – Bad posture can lead to lethargy, pain, and nerve damage. Our back brace posture corrector is designed to help relieve pain while providing upper and lower back support.

3. Comfortable Wear – Boasting a breathable material and extra strong mesh, our posture brace is comfy enough to wear at home, in the office, or when traveling! It can be worn over or under clothing.

4. Builds Your Confidence – After only ten days of use, our back brace can train your posture and develop muscle memory. You get an improved pose that can make you look taller and slimmer.

5. Made For Your Convenience – Fully adjustable with strong Velcro closure, our back posture corrector is easy to wear and adjust on your own. We offer a wide range of sizes for a perfect fit.

Improve postureThe posture corrector provides complete back and shoulder support, prevents scoliosis and corrects kyphosis, and improves unhealthy posture. Develop the habit of good posture, which can make you look taller and slimmer and improve your self-confidence.

Relieve painOur back brace provides all-around support for the back and waist. The brace posture helps you relieve pain and keep you away from back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, sciatica, lordosis, and scoliosis, To become happier and face life more positively.

Posture Corrector for Both Women and Men

The back corrector quickly straightens your shoulders and back.

A method of quickly stopping slouching and crouching when sitting with rounded shoulders on the table.

Features an adjustable shoulder strap, suitable for teens and adults, men and women.

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Mainland China



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